Tis’ the Season for a DUI

We all know that drinking and driving is against the law. Especially here in California, there is a zero tolerance policy of “buzzed driving IS drunk driving”.

There are going to be TONS of DUI Checkpoints during the next two weeks!

You could always stay home, but that’s no fun!

Lots of people assume that the legal limit of .08 means its okay to get behind the wheel if you stay at or near that number. This is not only dangerous misinformation but its not true. A police officer can arrest a person whose had only one drink if he thinks you’ve been compromised or are imapired. People who come in under .08 get a DUI everyday.

This season, avoid the pitfalls of an expensive DUI (driving under the influence) and hire a driver if you plan to go out. The total cost of a DUI is upwards of $10,000.00 not to mention the impact on your drivers license and auto insurance!!

Hiring a driver also means you wont risk anyone’s life including your own!

So, if you plan on heading out to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve get together, give us a call for an experienced and SAFE limo or bus driver! Even if you have a large group of people, we have plenty of vehicles to choose from. We offer party buses in Los Angeles and Charter buses in Orange County as well as a variety of limousines including stretch hummer’s and town-cars.

Call us today and book a car for your special event! 1-800-894-8702