Stretch Ferrari Limousine Grabs A Crowd!

There’s many different types of limousines on the road – Lincoln Town Car, Hummer Limo and the traditional white limo, but have you ever seen a stretch Ferrari limousine?

Shopper’s in London were in for a treat when they saw this red beast roll up outside a shopping plaza. No word who owns the monstrous stretch red Ferrari but odds are, he/she is VERY rich.  The car, snapped by TMZ seats eight passengers.

Perhaps the owner of the Ferrari Limo is also the owner of the department store it rolled up to —  Harrods – the father of of the man (Dodi Al Fayed)  who was dating Princess Dianna and perished in a car crash with her in 1997.

While we aren’t lucky enough to have this wonder in our fleet, we do have a wide variety of limousines for just about any occasion. Our limo fleet services Los Angeles Limo seekers as well as Orange County Limo seekers.

Maybe Santa will bring us this beauty!

Red Ferrari Limousine

Red Ferrari Limo Stuns Shoppers in London.