Party Bus Los Angeles – Powered By Pedaling?

party bus powered by pedaling

Party Bus Powered By Passenger Pedaling

We can only dream! Party Bus Los Angeles  here we come — powered by pedaling! Maybe they’ll take off here, especially in summer months.

A party bus powered by pedals is taking off in Florida and aims to service mostly passengers of pubs and bars. The party bus is powered by passenger pedaling and according to the Tampa Bay Times, is getting the “pub crawls” under way in St. Petersburg for downtown crawls.

The PedalPub, the new 16-person pedal-powered party bus that will be used for pub crawls, private parties and antique shopping sprees, is up and running outside of Ferg’s Bar, 1320 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg. It is one of two new open-air party buses that will pedaling around downtown St. Petersburg this year, taking revelers on pub crawls around downtown restaurants and bars. The other, City Cycle Tours, got rolling on New Year’s weekend and is booking private parties and plans to offer open bar crawl packages in the coming weeks.

We love it! How fun would that be to be drinking with your friends while you pedal the party bus together?! Hysterical laughs would ensue! Throw in some music and we’ve got a party on wheels!

A PedelPub Los Angeles Party Bus or PedalPub Orange County Party Bus venture is a fantastic service for tourists and locals alike. With drinking and driving being such an issue and with the cost associated with just one person renting a driver, a party bus in Los Angeles or OC of this nature could be a great investment.  Gathering a good number of patrons from local bars and pubs would make the cost very affordable for customers.

Would you like to see a pedal powered Orange County Party Bus or LA Party Bus? Think of it this way; you’ even get your daily work out in!

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