Orange County Limousine Wedding Limo Tips

Wedding Day: Limo Tips

Your Big Day, Plan Ahead!

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the most popular time of the year for weddings.

Arranging an entire wedding is a full time job. From the menu to the church to guest accommodations can be maddening. One less thing you need to worry yourself with is your transportation. On the big day, you’ll have plenty on your mind and worrying about the limo arriving late shouldn’t be one of them.

Top Tips for a Solid Limousine Plan on Your Wedding Day

Plan ahead:
Waiting to the last minute to book your limousine for your wedding day is not a good idea. The earlier you book the limo, the better the odds that everything will go smoothly. Plus, booking way ahead of time can give you time to arrange any changes that may happen along the way. Keeping your limo company in the loop is the key to your successful wedding day.   – Our Orange County limousine service specializes in stress free wedding day rentals.

Check limo company license & insurance:
It seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people go with the “cheap limo rental” companies and regret it later. Affordable and cheap are two different things and on your wedding day you dont want cheap customer service to go with that cheap limo deal that you are now regretting. Always ask to see license and insurance and ask questions. Make a checklist to go over with your limousine company to be sure you’ve covered all angles.

Get a two for one deal:
If you plan on having a bachelorette or bachelor party then consider arranging a deal with the limo company for a discount. If you use the service for both events, the company will be more than happy to work you a special wedding package to save you a little money.   – Need a limousine in Orange County  for your wedding day or bachelorette party? Give us a call for a special deal!

Use a Pin Board to stay organized:
Heard of Pinterest? You should. It’s a great way to visualize anything in your life from home remodels to planning your wedding day. With Pinterest you can easily pin pictures to digital pinboards that keep you on track. Pin your dream wedding dress, photographer, wedding cake and even your ideal limo!   – Follow us on Pinterest!

Have Fun!:
It’s your wedding day so above all, have a memorable time. A day like this is one you will look back on for the rest of your life. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of planning a wedding but if you dont stop and enjoy the moment, you’ll end up wishing you had.


(wedding image via Pinterest)