Orange County Limousine Rentals, New Years Eve 2011

A reminder to book your Orange County limousine rentals early for New Years Eve 2011! This is a big night for limousine rentals in Orange County so reserve yours early! When you consider the cost of a DUI in California it is much cheaper to rent a limousine and enjoy yourself without the stress of having to drive while intoxicated and possibly run in to a DUI checkpoint.

Not only is it smarter to grab a limousine rental it is also much more fun to get together with 4 or 6 good friends and party in your limousine rental on the way to and from wherever you plan to celebrate New Years Eve in 2011.

We provide 4, 6  and 8 passenger traditional black or white limousine rentals in Orange County.  And if your group is too large for a traditional sized limousine we can  provide you with a Hummer limousine rental that will accommodate up to 20 passengers!

Be careful when ordering a 10 passenger limousine. Though widely advertised the 10 passenger limousine actually only seats 8 in the back plus the driver and co driver seat up front. So if you have more than 8 passengers in your group you really need to rent a Hummer or Escalade limousine as they will accommodate up to 20 passengers!

We are one of the few Orange County limousine rental companies that can provide you with both traditional 8 passenger limousines and the larger SUV 20 passenger limousines so please feel free to call and let us provide your first or next Orange County limousine rental!

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