Limo Presidential – Electric Powered Limousine

Look out limo gas guzzlers, there may be a new Presidential ride on the horizons and its electric!

Don’t think just because this black limo is electric powered that its slow. The electric limo can reach speeds of 100MPH. Wonder if we’ll see any Los Angeles limousine service using this baby?

Limo Presidential

From; Think of Presidential state cars, and you’ll probably think of  the Cadillac-badged limousine the President Obama uses, a car that many of us know as The Beast. Now an Italian coach-builder has come up with its own take on the Presidential limousine, in the form of an all-electric stretch limousine based on the humble Fiat 500. 

Enter Castagna Milano, and its LimoPresidential, available to discerning buyers (or anyone with the money) as build-to-order vehicles.  Combining two electric motors capable of reaching a top speed of 100 mph, and a battery pack large enough to carry its esteemed occupants in opulent luxury for 160 miles, the all-electric limo is certainly different.