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Uses for the Limo Van or Charter Bus

People often refer to the term Limo Van when they’re looking for multiple passenger transportation. A charter bus is probably what you’re seeking. Charter buses are vehicles with bucket seats just like a limo van only they can seat from 14 to 50 people depending on the size of charter bus you rent.

It’s usually called a limo van because people want luxury and space.

There’s also a difference between a charter bus and a party bus. Party buses tend to have bench seating and room to move around and often include dance poles, a dance floor, stargazer lights and music. That’s where the party takes place whereas a charter bus is usually just for transportation.

Los Angeles Limo Rental

Some of the most popular uses are for group gatherings where lots of space and comfort is needed like a long road trip to a casino. Wine tours, airport transportation and concerts are another reason people seek out charter buses. In Los Angeles there are a lot of charter bus services to choose from but be careful. Many of them aren’t properly licensed and the vehicles are poorly maintained. Our LA charter bus service is dependable and we know safety comes first — especially when you’re dealing with 10-30 people in one vehicle!

Los Angeles has some of the greatest locations for special events anywhere. We have sporting events, summer concerts, wineries, casinos and more. From wedding transportation to a day at a Lakers game, a charter bus can handle all your transportation needs from arrival, departure and parking in Los Angeles. You don’t have to be concerned with any of those details, we’ll handle it all!

There’s lots of funny games to play on long charter bus trips too! So, whether your destination is local or several hours away, comfort is important and we’ll make sure you have plenty of water, air conditioning and comfortable cloth seats to make the best of your trip! Bring a lunch, board games, your iPod or anything else to make your trip more fun. Click this link if you need a luxury limo in Los Angeles

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