Cops Seize LA Party Bus Rentals

Thinking of grabbing a “cheap party bus rental in la?” We’ve got news for you… the CHP and local police forces are stopping and seizing  many LA party bus rentals right where they are because the owners have skipped the very expensive steps of  getting a state charter party license and carrying the mandatory $5 million insurance! Hmmm no wonder they offer really cheap rates on la party bus rentals! But that’s not the ONLY place they cut costs… since they are unlicensed the CHP doesn’t even know they exist so they save a lot of money on maintenace because they don’t have to pass CHP vehicle inspections! Now add in the savings from hiring under licensed, untrained drivers at low pay and wolaah… their operating costs are minimal compared to a fully licensed and insured legitimate company… hence, they can offer much cheaper pricing!!!

So when customers are calling to compare rates the illegal companies price quote is far lower then the quotes from legitimate companies so they think they have found a nice company offering a nice low rate compared to the more expensive quotes they get from legitimate, fully licensed and insured companies! Now here’s where the story gets really wacky… we tell people the company they are thinking of hiring is unlicensed and unisured and they tell us they don’t care, they just want a cheap party bus rental rate!! How totally crazy is that??

Then we tell them if the party bus rental they are in gets stopped at a checkpoint or for any other reason they will be left standing on the curb somewhere as their party bus is towed away to the impound lot! Then they tell us they’ll don’t care… they’ll take the chance for a cheap rate!! We think they think we are making it up to scare them so we posted this video on our website at Socal limousine and party bus rental to prove it to them… check this out!

You can and should check with the California state licensing board  to see if a company is currently licensed and insured before you grab an unusually cheap party bus rental or just book with us if you want a safe ride in a cool party bus for a moderate rate!