LA Party Bus Rentals Remembers MLK

“You better let me ride in your limo

an onlooker says to a limousine business owner at  today’s MLK parade in GA.

It rings back a time in history where blacks and whites didnt sit together, share a ride in a bus or work on a project together.

Years later, the dream is coming true as you see neighbors, both black and white attending numerous Martin Luther King parades standing side by side.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in our history where we consider one class of people not worthy.

The song lyrics, “people are people so why should it be”  by Depeche Mode speaks truth. To judge one human being over the over based soley on the pigmentation of their skin or the shape of their eyes seems ridiculous.

While there’s a way to go in stomping out racism of any kind, on a day like today, it’s nice to see everyone just getting along and appreciating a man who has made things better for us all.

Happy MLK day! Enjoy your day and say hello to your neighbor.

Martin Luther King

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