Hummer Limo in LA

15 to 40 passenger Hummer Limo in LA

Book one of our affordable Hummer Limo LA packages for your prom night or special event. We’ve got a large fleet of Hummer limos to choose from!

We carry the more exotic H2, H3, H4 – 30 and 40 passenger Hummer limos with custom interior, sound system and dual and triple axles. Mini bar with water and soda and you can bring your own alcohol to mix drinks of your choice!

Check out some shots of one of the custom LA Hummer Limo vehicles we carry or book a Hummer Limo in LA today.

Based on past Hummer Limo rides experience and weight capacity of vehicle; we give you the number or range of average sized passengers that we think will fit comfortably inside the Hummer. You know your group better than we do so you need to decide if you want to use the low number estimate or high number estimate. If you have a larger number of invites please consider a Party Bus in Los Angeles instead of a Hummer limo. We also have a variety of Los Angeles charter bus to rent in Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Please keep this in mind that Kids don’t mind squeezing but adults usually do. The main Hummer Limo LA vehicle capacity vary but here is approx what we can fit in the Hummer.

Our Hummer limos capacity are 20 Minors or 14-18 Adults and here are some Hummers Limos pictures for you to take a look.

Our prices beat all our competitors in Limo rentals.

Be careful!! There are no new Hummer Limos vehicles because they stopped making them around 2008.

Ours Hummer Limos are very well maintained but people tell us about their cheap Hummer Limo rental experiences.

As far as we know and from what we’ve heard there are some hummer Limos out there that are in really bad shape. Like as in smelly, really rough riding and stuff that doesn’t work like AC unit or sound system! And sometimes you even get the extra bonus of an underpaid, inexperienced grumpy driver at the wheel.

Feel free to call us for any questions or concern you may have.


Hummer Limo in LA