How To Charter A Bus

Most people have never chartered bus services so if ever you are told to book a bus here are some tips on how to charter a bus! For the most part charter bus rentals are divided into two categories…  coach charter buses and minibus rentals.

Coach charter buses are usually for 40 up to 55 passengers and minibus rentals refer to bus rentals for up to 40 passengers.

Charter bus services in Los Angeles quote on an hourly basis and almost always require a 3 or 4 hour minimum usage.  Now if you plan to use the bus for 4, 5 or six hours most bus services will offer you a half day rate which is usually cheaper then by the hour rates.

For more then 6 hours but less then 12 hours they should offer you their day rate which, again, is cheaper then by the hour rates. If they don’t offer then you should ask if they offer any day rates.

Minibus rentals are way more popular then full size 55 passenger coach charter buses. That’s because the coach charter buses are more for tours or over the road travel and the minibus rentals ranging from 14 to 40 passengers are used on a daily basis for all kinds of group bus transportation services.

This is the first blog in a series of blog tips for how to charter a bus in and around LA Metro, Los Angeles And Orange County CA. You now have enough info to call one of the charter bus companies and book a bus! Later in the series we will get into more detail.

We’ve already given you a good link for Los Angeles Charter bus rentals and for one of the best charter bus rental services in Orange County Ca click Orange County Charter Bus.  We hope you find this information useful. If you have a legitimate specific question about how to book a bus ask us in the blog and we will answer it…. no spamming or book marking junk please.

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