OCCUPY Charter Bus!

seats in charter busses in orange county ca

Occupy Wall Street has been gaining momentum for some time now. The 99% are attempting to take back their government and stop corporate greed from the1%’ers. All across the country we see groups of people gathering for one common purpose. Not just the locals are gathering in each location as one may think, but people are actually footing the bill to travel across the country to let their voice be heard.

How are these people congregating? Charter Bus Rentals!

The latest, Occupy Atlanta is asking people to spread the word about their charter bus trip to occupy the U.S. Congress. People who want a guaranteed seat on the charter bus will need to pay $100.00 but the amenities of the charter buses are well worth it. The one occupying Atlanta is equipped with high-back bucket reclining seats, TV, AC/heat, AM-FM stereo, restrooms and CD-DVD players. Those are nice amenities when on the road!

Often referred to as a Motor Coach, charter buses are a popular way to move people around, especially for long road trips or charter bus tours.

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