Are Hummer Limo Rentals in Los Angeles Old School?

Rumor has it no one rents Hummer Limo Rentals in Los Angeles anymore. They say party buses are now the new trend in the Los Angeles area but that’s not entirely true! I need to acknowledge that many people do rent a party bus in Los Angeles but there is still a large demand for Hummer Limos!

So why are Hummer limo rentals in Los Angeles still extremely popular even though they stopped making Hummers several years ago? Because a Hummer limo is the perfect size for groups of 9 to 20 who want the limo experience but do not fit in a traditional 10 passenger limo and do not want to ride in a party bus!

And by the way… a traditional 10 passenger limo really only seats 8 passengers in the limo area… the other two seats are the drivers and up front passenger seat! so what’s a group to do? Rent a Hummer limo of course!

Los Angeles Hummer limo rentals are perfect for concerts, weddings, sporting events and quinceanera limos. That’s why we offer a large fleet of hummer limo rentals as well as, party buses and traditional limos.

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