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Party Bus Rental to Las Vegas

You have found a great site for booking a party bus from Los Angeles or Orange County to Las Vegas. Please feel free to check out our newer party bus rentals for a safe desert crossing. Then give us a call for a rate quote. We'll be glad to answer your any questions you have about booking a party bus to Las Vegas!

party bus to Las Vegas
  • Up to 40 Passenger
  • Restroom
  • IPOD HOOKUP (bring aux cable)
  • Free Bottled of Waters and Ice
  • Awesome Sound system
  • Strobe and LED Lights optional
  • Powerful AC
  • Experienced Party bus Drivers
Las Vegas party busbus
LV 750 - 40 Passenger Limo Bus 36 bus
party bus Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • 50 Passenger
  • Restroom
  • IPOD HOOKUP (bring aux cable)
  • Free Bottled of Waters and Ice
  • Premium Sound system
  • Lasers and Strobe lighting optional
  • Powerful AC
  • Experienced Party bus Drivers
party bus Orange County Las Vegasbus
PB 50 - Passenger Vegas Bus 36




  • About Party Bus Rental to Las Vegas Rates And Prices

How much does it cost to rent a party bus to Las Vegas from Los Angeles or Orange County? We wish pricing was so easy we could just post our rates but our prices are so competitive we don't want our competitors to know them.


One thing is for sure.... we offer very nice party bus rentals for your trip to Las Vegas and back. Safety and your comfort are our main concerns when crossing the desert. Temperatures can easily reach 110 in summer months and a breakdown when you are many miles from help is a scary thing. That's why we only run our newest party buses from Los Angeles or Orange county to Las Vegas.


  • Our Party Bus Rental Customers Love Us! Here's Why...

We're NOT grumpy! First time customers love our great rates and clean party buses but mostly it's our people who turn them into repeat customers! And we have a lot of repeat customers because we all make an extra effort and work as a team to insure our customers get a great party bus rental experience from us!
With us the fun starts right way when you call one of our friendly reservationist. They're smart and make it easy to rent the right party bus for your event! Then our mechanics and bus cleaners work to insure you get a clean bus that won't break down with you in it! Buses break down often if they are not maintained well.
But most of all our customers LOVE our awesome drivers! Most people don't realize how a grumpy or inexperienced driver can ruin their party bus rental experience. That's why we only hire experienced "party bus drivers" that are ok with you getting loud and crazy as long as you are not tearing up the bus or endangering yourself or others! And THAT'S what will make your time in our party bus a memorable experience worth repeating again and again. No one wants a fuddy duddy or irritable, unfriendly driver ruining their good time... and we know that!
So when you add it all up... people LOVE our service and that's why we have a large family of repeat customers. We invite you to join the family.


  • Get Your Party Bus Rental From Us And Have A Good Time

Most of our reservationist are former drivers so they know the buses well and they have been out with plenty of party people so they've pretty much been everywhere. They can answer your questions about venues, clubs and stadiums  will be happy to answer your questions and quote rates.

  • We Offer Small, Medium and Larger Party Bus Rentals:

    • 16 passenger party bus ... rent this instead of an SUV limo for more room
    • 20 passenger party bus ... great for Temecula wine tour
    • 25 passenger party bus ... weekend warrior for clubbing
    • 30 passenger party bus ... perfect size for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries
    • 40 passenger party bus ... glitzy with lots of lights
    • 50 passenger party bus ... lots of dance room and high ceiling


  • LA Party Bus Rentals

You'll find a nice fleet of LA party bus rentals on our site. We love LA... sounds like an old song but it's true! And you will love our LA party bus rental prices!! Call us!

  • Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals

Call us for your Los Angeles Party Bus Rental. You get great buses, service and rates when you let us provide your party bus rentals in Los Angeles.


  • Orange County Party Bus Rentals

Call us for Orange County Party Bus Rentals! Our affordable rental rates, clean buses and outstanding attention to service is exactly what Orange County Party bus rental people want!

  • Prom Party Bus Rentals

The best and most fun way to go to the PROM is in a party bus so party buses for prom are HIGH demand times for party bus rentals so... book yours early or you may not be able to find one or have to settle for one you don't really like! 

  • Winter Formal Party Bus Rentals

Winter Formals are here and you need a party bus!! Who ya gonna call?? That's right... call us for winter formal party bus rentals and you'll have a good time!

  • Temecula Wine Tour Party Bus Rentals

Did someone say let's take a Temecula wine tour in a party bus? Call us for an awesome Temecula wine tour party bus rental.

  • Hollywood Party Bus Rentals

All the Playas' know we provide the best Hollywood party bus rentals LOL! No, seriously... Our Hollywood party bus rental rates will blow what's left of your mind!

  • Los Angeles To Las Vegas Party Bus Rentals

Customers often call in and ask if we have Los Angeles To Las Vegas party bus rental and the answer is YES! We do Los Angeles to Las Vegas party bus runs and it is a fun way to go to Vegas! We do overnight turnarounds, one way and roundtrip party bus runs to Vegas. Please call for pricing for your trip.

  • Orange County Las Vegas Party Bus Rentals

Call us for awesome Orange County To Las Vegas Party Bus Rental rates. No one beats our rates so call us for your next Orange County Vegas party bus rental. We're ready for the trip... are you?
- See more at: http://www.socallimosandbuses.com/party-bus-rentals.htm