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Party Bus Express

Get on the Party Bus Express!

We’ve got a new party bus and it’s pretty great!  This party bus seats up to 50 people comes with dual opening doors for easy access and exit, largest dance floor available, track lighting, a sound system you have to hear to believe and comfortable seating with a VIP section! A true Party Bus Express experience!

Perfect for bachelorette parties or wedding parties who want their VIP’s to enjoy the King & Queen seats as well as large comfortable seating for all your guests. Throwing a children’s party? This bus is roomy enough for all the kids and your party favor/decorations.

We’ve just rolled out this party bus in Los Angeles so give us a call today if you want to reserve this beauty!

Party Bus Rentals in Orange County CA

Party Bus Rentals in Orange County…

Whenever we write about party bus rentals in Orange County we hope YOU, Google, Yahoo and Bing know we mean Orange County, California! And NOT Orange County in one of these other states…..
Orange County, Florida
Orange County, Indiana
Orange County, New York
Orange County, North Carolina
Orange County, Texas
Orange County, Vermont
Orange County, Virginia

Did you know there were so many other states with an Orange County in it? We are pretty sure they all offer Orange County Party Buses too so it would be confusing because you could search for Orange County Party Bus Rentals and wind up getting results for party bus rentals in Orange County Texas, Virginia or New York!!

That’s why it’s so important to add Geo Tags to a website or blog. Geo tags help eliminate most if not all the confusion over what state and the search engines are really very accurate in returning search results relevant to your location.

For more information and tips for renting party buses in Orange County or Los Angeles visit us at Socal Limousine and Party Bus Rentals.