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LA Bus Rentals…Temecula Wine Tours

bus rentals to TemeculaDid you know that you can hire your very own private driver for a day tour to Temecula’s winery using private bus rentals?  And I’m not talking about ordinary bus rentals—these are awesome buses with amenities that most people don’t know about.

Bus rentals typically are equipped with captain chairs, video screens, DVR and DVD video players and always have climate control systems. A few have PA systems.  So you can plan a totally relaxing week-end getaway using LA bus rentals and not deal with all hassles of LA traffic.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about the safety of driving back after spending hours at the winery because your private driver will take care of 100% of your transportation needs.

How much does it cost to rent a private charter bus in Los Angeles?  The cost will depend on what you are looking for.  Before we or any other company can give you an accurate party bus rental rate, we need to know four things: 1) what date and time you want it, 2) your destination, 3) how long you want it for and 4) what amenties you would like for your trip.

Call us to get your quote today because you will need to book your Los Angeles charter  bus rental at least a few days in advance of your trip.

If you’ve never tried a Temecula wine tour by bus rental, you are really missing out. It’s one of the most popular local destination spots in Los Angeles!  You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of rolling hills and all the  great wine you want because you have a private driver to do all the driving!  And, you get to sit back and enjoy the drive and amenities with lots of good friends. Bus rentals can accommodate anywhere from 15 to 50 passengers.

Plan a relaxing day wine tasting and enjoying yourself while we take care of your destination plans!  Call us and speak to one of our friendly representatives for a quote on your next getaway using private LA bus rentals.



Limo Wine Tour in Temecula

wine tours in temecula by limo

Spring is around the corner and with it means gorgeous weather. A time we can all shed our coats and get some much needed fresh air. A great way to enjoy the beautiful weather here in  Southern California is to plan a day for  limo wine tour in Temecula!

Without committing to a long road trip or expensive getaway, a wine tour by limo is a great way to relax, see the beauty of the wineries throughout the LA & OC counties. Whether you’re looking for a limo rental in LA, San Diego or a limo rental in OC, we have fantastic rates for the local wineries.

Plan a relaxing day wine tasting and enjoying yourself while we take care of your desitnation plans.

black stretch hummerIf you’ve never tried a Temecula wine tour by limo you are really missing out. It’s one of the most popular local destination spots because everyone loves good wine and letting someone else do the driving! Choose from a Hummer limo, traditional limo or even a Temecula party bus for larger groups!

We recommend you visit to check out all the destinations along the Temecula Winery Trail. There’s lots to do while you’re there too besides tasting wine, like touring the gorgeous wine vines, enjoying a picnic or enjoying the rolling hills and magnificant view. has coupons and couple’s packages as well, so be sure to check them out and then call us for a luxury limo  wine tour in Temecula!

Wine Wine!

Summer always reminds me of grapes and grapes remind me of WINE!  The sun, the fresh air, the great times with friends, so I’ll go for a wine tour in a Limo! They drive, I drink! It’s one of the perks I get for working in the transportation industry, right!

I don’t know about you but I’m addicted to these tours. They’re easy to plan, involve my favorite past time (being festive!) and they’re fun. Really fun!

A gorgeous day spent outdoors drinking wine!A gorgeous day spent outdoors sampling wine!

Wine tasting tours is a popular pastime of Californian’s. We love anything to do with a great glass of spirits and the great outdoors. A wine tasting tour accomplishes that and now that summer is a blink away, it’s the perfect time to book one. You’d be surprised how affordable it is, especially when you get 5-10 people together to split the cost.

Wine glass filled with red winePlan a day of Spirits at a local vineyard

Whether you’re a red wine expert (aren’t we all!) or a white wine expert, a day at a Southern California winery is a great time. If you’ve never planned one then you’ll be happy to know that most vineyards dont even require advance notice. Just show up and start tasting, touring the vinyards and grab a spot in or outside and enjoy the beauty around you. There’s usually appetizers – cheese and crackers, french bread and olive oil.

Wine Tours are affordable!

It’s practically free too! Most vineyards will charge a small fee for some sampling or perhaps a seat fee but generally it’s free and you just buy a bottle… or in my case, twelve. Rather than paying for a full dinner and a limo, you can enjoy the limo ride where drinking is allowed too and then sample the spirits until your heart’s desire!

Next, it’s time to choose which vineyard to go to. There’s a lot of choices here in So. Cal in San Diego, Temecula and Santa Barbara. The best bet is to check out the California Wine Info website and see which one you prefer. Once you decide on the winery you want to go to, give us a call to Book A Limo. You’ll love it! We do a lot of these limo vineyard tours in Orange County & Los Angeles areas, so just relax and leave the driving to us.

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