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All about party bus rentals in LA Metro, Los Angeles and Orange County CA.

OC Party Bus Service

Yay! We Are In A Party Mood!

Get OC Party Bus Now!

OC Party Bus Service for you! Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate a special occasion with your friends? What about hiring the OC party bus? Yes, it’s time to go for a unique way of organizing your party and gives a perfect feel of ultimate sophistication, luxury, and class. Congrats! You have come to the right place. The good news is our OC luxurious party bus will make your event a memorable and incredibility exceptional experience.

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Our Exceptional OC Party Bus Service

Now you don’t need to go somewhere, SoCallLimosandBuses is here to make your special event even more special. Our highly qualified and decent staff of chauffeur will treat you like a family to make your event more exceptional and memorable. Yes, with years of extensive experience in transportation services, we know how to offer premium OC party bus service with luxurious features, and above all, at affordable rates. We operate 24/7 to fulfill all your party needs.
Our OC party bus is always here to accommodate every type of event for where you want to go with your special group of people. Our service providers take the whole responsibility of driving, make the journey fun and memorable, and reach the destination on time. All our buses are equipped with the latest technology to provide you ultimate entertainment. We have various party bus models, all with unique features and provide accommodation based on package and number of people.

For What Events OC Party Bus Can Be Used?

Well, we are available 24/7 for any type of event. No matter whether it’s, a common night out, birthday, or a wedding celebration: our premium service carries all the stuff needed to achieve your special goal in a unique style. Our every vehicle has amazing characteristics at the best affordable rates in our Orange County Party Bus
So if you need luxury transportation, with exceptional customer service, then you have found the best OC party bus service provider company. We know how to treat your special guests. Our professional drivers will give full protocol to your guests. So all you need is to come and sit on the bus, and we will wrap up the rest.

  •  Group Events Party Bus
    Are you going to a sporting event? A night-out? Or maybe a concert? Let us drive your group and get your blasting party on wheels!
  • Birthday Bash:
    Do you want to have a great time with someone special on their birthday? You can rent our party bus for that special day. We promise you will have the best customer service around.
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party:
    Are you planning a Bachelorette party? Why go somewhere, let us drive your group in the latest model party buses in OC.
  • Kids Party Bus:
    Our OC party bus is for kids too! LED and Disco Lights, TV, soft sofa seats, and much more. No doubt, your child will be talking around his school for the next few days. After all, he’s going to throw a luxurious party fun.
    So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now and get a free estimation. We hope to see you soon!

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OC Party Bus Service

SOCAL Party bus rental in South of California

SOCAL Party bus rental in South of California

Have you been thinking about a long trip, church group, big party group, wedding reception, corporate charter or just a pursuing bus party? SOCAL party bus rental has the party bus for your event!

SOCAL Party bus rental will take your next group with the exceptional service in a lovely and entertaining atmosphere you deserve. Having a party bus rental is the best way to carry a large group to different places in all of south of California.

You can select from an extensive diversity of party buses in South of California. From a 16-passenger mid-size party bus, to a 60 passenger bus or the coach deluxe bus, our party bus company has the perfect party bus for your event.

Traveling to South of California or just want to visit any of the OC cities in there? SOCAL party bus rental have top quality party buses to accomplish those events. We double-check all our party buses to insure our client gets an excellent experience on their event.

Get something different with SOCAL Party bus rental

Our party buses are all driven by expert and licensed drivers. Whether you are traveling across the town or different cities, our SOCAL party bus rental will assure that you get the best service and experience. Travel with full confidence knowing that you and your party group of friends will get to destination comfortable and safe.

SOCAL party bus rental prides itself on being the leader of party bus rental industry in South of California. We have one of best rental buses in Orange County area, as well as one of the best customer services all around. Our traveling deals and drivers are rated among the top in customer care and services.

Apart from being the greatest in the OC party bus rental business, SOCAL party bus rental are also a wide-ranging full-service rental bus carrying company with your requirements in mind! From our extremely skilled, friendly and expert driver, to a practical preservation team; we have the best deals and rates all year around to get your event affordable and unforgettable.

For reservation and booking, please call SOCAL party bus rental today at 1-800-894-8702 or contact us for best rate. Or click on the link if you are looking a party bus in Los Angeles area. Thank you.

SOCAL Party bus rental
45 Passenger Party Bus – Interior

Limo and Buses

Limo and Buses

Limo and buses can be both beneficial and luxurious modes of transportation for few or even larger number of individuals. These vehicles are equipped with great features and modern amenities to ensure a secure, comfortable and convenient riding experience. If you are looking for limo and buses to meet your unique transportation needs, we can provide you with what you need.
Our Limo and Buses Service Guarantees Reliable and Hassle-free Transportation
If you choose one of our buses or limos for your transportation needs, you are guaranteed to receive hassle free and reliable transportation that you deserve. If you got deadline to meet such as flight time, we can provide you with the most advance and fully equipped vehicles that can bring you to your specified location quickly and safely.
We will bring you to the airport and we will get rid of your fears and worries of arriving late. We are a professional limo and buses transportation service provider that will pick you ahead of time and bring you to your target location in a timely manner. We eve help you and all our other clients track flight schedules or status to guarantee your early arrival at the airport.
We Deliver Complete Transportation Solutions
Whether you are in need for airport transfers, corporate event transportation, outing, events or special occasions our limo and buses can meet your needs. We deliver complete transportation solutions to all clients looking for safe and convenient mobility. Regardless or small or larger groups, our limo and buses can accommodate them all. We also provide dependable services with full fleet of luxurious and stylish limo and buses.

Why Choose Our Limo and Buses for your Transportation Needs?

There are many good reasons to choose our party buses and limo for your unique transportation needs. We have complete feel that will guarantee your comfort and convenience while traveling and we have the most experienced and highly trained drivers with knowledge about driving directions and the right routes. Our party buses and limos were designed having your ultimate comfort, safety and convenience in mind. So all you have to do is relax and enjoy the scenery while our professional chauffeurs take you to your destination.
With our modern and luxurious limousines and fully equipped buses, you will be given the safest and most luxurious ride. That being said, you will have nothing but the best travel experience with us.

Limo and Buses
Inside our Party Bus Express

party bus safety

Just a quick post about party bus safety. Lately there have been some news stories about party bus safety… so do you think party bus rentals are safe? Our next major blog post will be on the issue of party bus safety and we would like to include your comments.

Party Buses In Los Angeles

Have you jumped on the LA party bus scene yet?

picture of interior party busParty in the bus!

Bring your own cocktails because drinking on the bus is permitted!

Most of the Party Buses In Los Angeles that we own come with premium sound systems too. Of course the dance pole is a crowd favorite!

People love to dance and a party bus gives you enough space to get your groove on and mingle with friends. Nightclub on wheels!

It’s load of fun and so much more than taking a ride in a limo (although if that’s what you need we have those too!)

If the plan for the night is to party it up then an LA Party Bus is the way to go! Sit, stand, dance and have the freedom to party like you would in a night club — only on wheels!

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, birthday party or just a girl’s night out, you have to try a party bus! You’ll have a blast. Take a look at some of our party bus pictures on our Pinterest page and see which one you like.

How many people do our LA party buses hold? A lot! 
Whatever you need up to 55 people! We have small, medium and large party buses and they offer a lot of space because of they way they are laid out with bench seating.

About us:
SoCal Limos And Buses offers Party Buses In Los Angeles and all surrounding cities for great rates. Call us today to book a party bus in LA or just get a free quote. 

Party Bus Rental In Long Beach CA

Note: this article is for local transportation for Party Bus Rental in Long Beach CA, not Long Beach N.J.

Cheap party bus in Long Beach CA

party bus rentals in Long Beach CA

SoCal Limos and Buses doesn’t only provide transportation in Los Angeles and Orange County but Long Beach as well.

People looking to rent a party bus in Long beach often think they have to find a party bus company in their local small area (like Naples) but our service covers all of Los Angeles County including all the smaller cities throughout the Los Angeles/ Orange County borders.

From Cerritos, Lakewood, Rossmoore, Seal Beach to Naples, we can provide party bus transportation for you with a variety of party bus sizes. We offer buses that can seat from 14 to 55 passengers. If you’re planning a special event in Long Beach and need group transportation (charter bus) or a party bus, contact us for rates and availability.

 What’s In The Long Beach Party Buses?

  • Mega Watt Sound Systems
  • IPOD hookup
  • DVD & Huge Plasma Screen
  • NO cable TV so bring your DVD’s
  • Neon Lighting
  • Laser Lighting (some)
  • Back Bar Lighting Stargazer Ceiling Lighting
  • Lighted Floor (some)
  • Privacy Partition
  • Mini Bar With Water & Sodas & Ice
  • Dance Poles
  • Large Dance floor (in some models)
Gladstone’s Hooters, Joe Josts and other local Long Beach bars and night clubs are a great reason to rent a party bus in Long Beach. Pub crawls are popular for a reason. You party — we drive. With DUIs on the rise, safety should be everyone’s priority when planning a night out of drinking, so if need a party bus rental in Long Beach CA. Let us make sure everyone gets home safe!

 Call today for a free quote

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Cheap Party Bus Rentals in Los Angeles

Nowadays it seems the majority of calls we get are for cheap party bus rentals in Los Angeles.

While that’s a popular search term and request, lots of companies fail to deliver quality with their cheap party bus rentals.

It’s certainly a live and learn experience because once you get sucked into one of these cheap party bus offers, you will no doubt immediately see the difference in quality.

While we dont like to refer to our party bus deals as cheap, we are affordable but more importantly, reliable. A party bus should be a good time and something you shouldnt spend your evening worrying about.

SoCal Limos and Buses prides itself on quality and reliability whether you’re in need of a party bus in LA, or a limo in LA. Our vehicles are well maintained and inspected often for the utmost safety of our customers.

Choose to try us for your special occasion!

Cheap party bus in Los Angeles

Cheap party bus in Los Angeles or reliable and affordable party bus?

Party Bus Express

Get on the Party Bus Express!

We’ve got a new party bus and it’s pretty great!  This party bus seats up to 50 people comes with dual opening doors for easy access and exit, largest dance floor available, track lighting, a sound system you have to hear to believe and comfortable seating with a VIP section! A true Party Bus Express experience!

Perfect for bachelorette parties or wedding parties who want their VIP’s to enjoy the King & Queen seats as well as large comfortable seating for all your guests. Throwing a children’s party? This bus is roomy enough for all the kids and your party favor/decorations.

We’ve just rolled out this party bus in Los Angeles so give us a call today if you want to reserve this beauty!

LA Party Buses – New Buses for Los Angeles

You may already know us for great party buses in Los Angeles with a wide selection of buses and amenities like disco lights and dance poles, but we’ve just added three more party buses which will be the KING of our buses.

Our new LA party buses not only come with the usual features that people like about a party bus which is the ability to stand up – (sitting in a limo gets old!), track lighting and bench seats with dance poles but these buses are way BIGGER! The 3 new buses we added are wide and have double doors that slide open in the center making entrance and exit super convenient!

New LA Party Buses with Double Doors

Larger Party Bus with Easy Exit Double Doors

We’ve just rolled them out and already our customers are telling us that they will book these party buses again and that the ride was not only smooth but the extra room made it feel like the party was in a club not just a bus and felt so roomy.

The new party buses still come with the great features you’re used to — dance poles, track lighting, music and a great driver experience but now you’ll have more room. If you’re ready to book a party bus in LA, give us a call for a no hassle free quote.

We’ll be posting some great pictures in the next few weeks of the new buses over on our Pinterest page and here on the blog.

SoCal Limos and Buses: Serving Los Angeles, LA Metro and Orange County’s Premiere Party Bus needs.

OC Party Bus

Jump on the party bus, OC!

oc party bus website

OC Party Bus Rentals

Our OC Party Bus partner has some of the best deals for renting a party bus in Orange County. Combined service means you win!

Largest Selection Of Party Buses In Orange County

By combining our party bus fleet with a partner company we now offer the largest fleet of Party Buses In Orange County.

Whether you need a party bus in Orange County for just a few hours or an entire night, we can accommodate up to 55 passengers!

Our party buses come equipped with lots of great features. Dance poles, music, cold beverages and best of all — we travel anywhere in Orange County. From Irvine to Anaheim, we’ll pick up your group and take you where ever you want to go. Night clubs, casinos, birthday parties and more are all perfect events that a party bus can suit.

Best price guarantee

 Through our partner program we’ll match or beat a price and because we’ve been offering party bus rentals in Orange County since 2005, we are well aware of all the competitors prices and level of service. We refer our clients often to OCLS and they will be sure to take care of you from start to finish just like SoCal Limos and Buses. Guaranteed!

Birthday Party Bus Rentals

Have you ever celebrated your birthday on a party bus?

It’s a great idea to do something different that involves all of your guests. Birthday Party Bus arrangements are easier than you think too. Easy to book, go anywhere in and around Los Angeles or Orange County and best of all — no mess to clean up from a birthday party at your house!

So what can you do for your birthday on a party bus?

Practically anything. Head to a concert, go to a winery, hit the casinos or local hot spots and arrive in style — partying all the way there and back. Pick a party bus that suits your taste. We have a lot to choose from and they’re all different inside and come with different amenities. Drinking is allowed, music is ready to go and most have the lighting tracks and dance poles. Call us to be sure you get a Birthday Party Bus you want!

Head over to our Pinterest Page to check out Party Buses In Orange County — Party Buses In LA.

Check out our pictures on Pinterest

Party Buses on Pinterest (pictures)

LA to Vegas Party Bus

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless it’s an LA to Vegas Party Bus! 

A party bus from LA to Vegas is a lot of fun. It’s one of the most popular requests we get here at SoCal Limos and Buses. People who book a party bus for a Vegas trip tend to do it quite often, especially after they’ve made the drive themselves a few times and realize the party bus way is the way to go! 

You’ll be sure to have a great time because we do the driving and you get the party started early! Our party buses are custom with most having dance poles, privacy partitions and bar areas.  Instead of spending hours driving, you’ll start having a good time the second you step aboard our party bus from la to Vegas.

Call SoCal Limos and Buses today and book a trip to Vegas for a weekend!

LA to Vegas Party Bus

Make it a Bus Party Los Angeles

Party Buses in Los Angeles are popular attractions for transportation seekers“Bus party Los Angeles” is a term you are probably familiar with if you live in and around L.A. People who want to have a good time but not worry about transportation often rent party buses in Los Angeles for sporting, cultural or personal events.

It used to be that the limousine was the go-to car for party planners but once the party bus hit the scene, people got excited to have a vehicle that could get them from point A to B but also included ammenties like bathrooms and dance floors. And you could stand up!<

Party buses come in all sizes (seating from 15 to 55 passengers) and with a wide variety of special customizations. Bars, private areas, mini dance floors and bench seating are just a few. Los Angeles party bus renters know what they want and where to get it!

If you’ve been considering renting a party bus in Los Angeles for your special event, you should give it a try. Chances are you’ll book one again. Customers we’ve talked to said they would book a party bus again and again when compared to a limo because of the flexibility it offers. 

Make it a party… A Bus Party in Los Angeles!

Cops Seize LA Party Bus Rentals

Thinking of grabbing a “cheap party bus rental in la?” We’ve got news for you… the CHP and local police forces are stopping and seizing  many LA party bus rentals right where they are because the owners have skipped the very expensive steps of  getting a state charter party license and carrying the mandatory $5 million insurance! Hmmm no wonder they offer really cheap rates on la party bus rentals! But that’s not the ONLY place they cut costs… since they are unlicensed the CHP doesn’t even know they exist so they save a lot of money on maintenace because they don’t have to pass CHP vehicle inspections! Now add in the savings from hiring under licensed, untrained drivers at low pay and wolaah… their operating costs are minimal compared to a fully licensed and insured legitimate company… hence, they can offer much cheaper pricing!!!

So when customers are calling to compare rates the illegal companies price quote is far lower then the quotes from legitimate companies so they think they have found a nice company offering a nice low rate compared to the more expensive quotes they get from legitimate, fully licensed and insured companies! Now here’s where the story gets really wacky… we tell people the company they are thinking of hiring is unlicensed and unisured and they tell us they don’t care, they just want a cheap party bus rental rate!! How totally crazy is that??

Then we tell them if the party bus rental they are in gets stopped at a checkpoint or for any other reason they will be left standing on the curb somewhere as their party bus is towed away to the impound lot! Then they tell us they’ll don’t care… they’ll take the chance for a cheap rate!! We think they think we are making it up to scare them so we posted this video on our website at Socal limousine and party bus rental to prove it to them… check this out!

You can and should check with the California state licensing board  to see if a company is currently licensed and insured before you grab an unusually cheap party bus rental or just book with us if you want a safe ride in a cool party bus for a moderate rate!

LA Party Bus Rentals Remembers MLK

“You better let me ride in your limo

an onlooker says to a limousine business owner at  today’s MLK parade in GA.

It rings back a time in history where blacks and whites didnt sit together, share a ride in a bus or work on a project together.

Years later, the dream is coming true as you see neighbors, both black and white attending numerous Martin Luther King parades standing side by side.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in our history where we consider one class of people not worthy.

The song lyrics, “people are people so why should it be”  by Depeche Mode speaks truth. To judge one human being over the over based soley on the pigmentation of their skin or the shape of their eyes seems ridiculous.

While there’s a way to go in stomping out racism of any kind, on a day like today, it’s nice to see everyone just getting along and appreciating a man who has made things better for us all.

Happy MLK day! Enjoy your day and say hello to your neighbor.

Martin Luther King

Looking to rent a limousine or party bus for a special event? Los Angeles Limousine Service  offers LA Party Bus Rentals, Charter Bus Rental & Hummer Limo Service in all of LA. Fast booking and great rates!

(MLK Image Credit)