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Limousine rentals in Los Angeles and Orange county California. Find the best limousine rentals in the LA and Metro area as well as all of orange county.

LA Car Service

La Car ServiceIf you need transportation in LA, we’ve got a large fleet of cars to choose from. Our LA car service has dependable vehicles and qualified drivers to get you where you need to go no matter what!

Whether its business or corporate transportation or transportation to LAX or other local airports, we can provide it.

Short on notice? Not a problem. We’ve got agents for booking days and evenings.  Our LA car service has very competitive rates, often even less than rental cars. Let us know the type of car you want, traditional limo, sedan, black Lincoln, Navigator or another specific car and we’ll do our best to have exactly what you want.

Hummer limo in Los Angeles

Hummer Limo Los Angeles

Call us to book one of our Hummer Limos in Los Angeles

People love Hummer Limo Parties!

Get into the luxury spirit in one of our Los Angeles Hummer limo vehicles!

A night on the town with friends perhaps for St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll do the driving so you dont have to or to deal with parking at packed busy clubs and venues in L.A.

We’ve got a wide selection of  Hummer limos to choose from whether you’re looking for 14 to 22 passenger Hummer limo rentals in Los Angeles or our massive 30-35 passenger Hummer limo!

Hummer Limo Rentals in Los Angeles? We are top! Great rates, quality vehicles and dependable drivers. We promise it!

Book a Hummer limo in Los Angeles today with us or simply give us a call to discuss the type of Hummer Limo you want for your special ocassion. Birthday parties, Concert trips, Nightclub hopping – a night to remember.

Check out more Los Angeles limo rental options on our site if you’re looking for something other than a Hummer.

Los Angeles Wedding Limo – Wedding Transportation Los Angeles

Specializing in Wedding Transporation in Los Angeles

Rent a limo from us for your wedding day and rest easy with reliability! We provide wedding transportation in Los Angeles and have a wide variety of luxury cars for your special day! Avoid getting taken on the biggest day of your life and stay clear of those “cheap wedding limo in Los Angeles” offers because they’re usually cheap for a reason!

Los Angeles Wedding Limo

Congrats on the biggest event of your life! Your wedding day should be stressfree and no one wants to deal with an unreliable car service when you need it most. Our Los Angeles wedding limo package is no ordinary package. We have some of the best cars and drivers in the business and offer the utmost professionalism combined with very affordable rates. Give us a call for a no hassle quote for your wedding transportation needs. Let us help you decide which type of limo is right for your big day. We have lots of options!

Have a large group for the wedding? No problem, we also carry charter buses for Los Angeles weddings. Our charter buses can carry up to 55 passengers and we guarantee they’ll be clean and on time to pick up and drop off your guests. Visit SoCal Limos and Buses homepage for more information on our cars and rates.

Wedding transportation in Los Angeles

Rest easy on your big day- Wedding transportation in Los Angles you can trust!



Los Angeles Limo Night – Hotspots await

What’s better than getting all decked out and hitting the club scene in Los Angeles? Doing it without having to worry about parking and driving!

Our Los Angeles limo service has a wide variety of limousines to fit any special occasion. Towncars, Hummer limos, stretch sedans and even limo buses.

One of the hottest trends as of late is club hoping by limo. A Los Angeles limousine service that delivers is one that knows the area well and makes your night flow as you jet from club to club until the sun comes up!  From Wonderland to The Colony to Essex and Voyeur, the clubs in Los Angeles are endless.

Call us for a free no hassle quote for your next LA night club hopping event. We promise to get you in a gorgeous limo in Los Angeles!

limo in los angeles

Los Angeles Limousines

Orange County Limousine Services

Quality limo rentals in Orange County

Orange County Limousine Services  – Affordable & Reliable.
Looking for affordability in an orange county limousine services company is one thing but finding quality in a  limousine services in orange county is quite another.
There is no shortage of limos available for rent in Orange County but that doesnt mean that they are reliable or have quality vehicles.

When you need a limousine rental in Orange County be sure to ask questions and get your quote laid out in plain terms! Top priority should be to make sure your limo company is up to date on all insurances and requirements. A safe ride is a good ride.

Recently there has been an influx of these limo companies all over the web but many of them of just unorganized brokers looking to make a quick buck. Look for a limo company that offers a long history in the business as well as satisfied customers who have positive past experiences.
To check out a limo in Orange County, just give us a call for a no hassle quote.

Los Angeles Limo Rental – Safety First!

Choose wisely for your limo driver and company

It’s easy to find Los Angeles limo rental deals all over the web but did you know that a large majority of them are not fully licensed and insured? It’s something a lot of customers dont think about when they’re looking for an LA limo rental company but it’s not only bad business, it’s dangerous!

  • When selecting a limo service you need to ask questions. First and foremost is the vehicle commercially insured. If there is an accident, you dont want a flimsly liability only insurance policy. That’s not going to help you if you end up needing medical care.
  • Secondly, is the driver a fully licensed and qualified driver. Not just anyone should jump behind the wheel of a car as big as a limousine. Some companies try to cut costs by using cheap drivers but you should never get into a limo without making sure you’ve got a qualified limo driver.


Our Los Angeles Limo Rental Service is fully licensed and insured. Contact us if you’re looking for quality transporation in LA.

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Orange County Limousine Wedding Limo Tips

Wedding Day: Limo Tips

Your Big Day, Plan Ahead!

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the most popular time of the year for weddings.

Arranging an entire wedding is a full time job. From the menu to the church to guest accommodations can be maddening. One less thing you need to worry yourself with is your transportation. On the big day, you’ll have plenty on your mind and worrying about the limo arriving late shouldn’t be one of them.

Top Tips for a Solid Limousine Plan on Your Wedding Day

Plan ahead:
Waiting to the last minute to book your limousine for your wedding day is not a good idea. The earlier you book the limo, the better the odds that everything will go smoothly. Plus, booking way ahead of time can give you time to arrange any changes that may happen along the way. Keeping your limo company in the loop is the key to your successful wedding day.   – Our Orange County limousine service specializes in stress free wedding day rentals.

Check limo company license & insurance:
It seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many people go with the “cheap limo rental” companies and regret it later. Affordable and cheap are two different things and on your wedding day you dont want cheap customer service to go with that cheap limo deal that you are now regretting. Always ask to see license and insurance and ask questions. Make a checklist to go over with your limousine company to be sure you’ve covered all angles.

Get a two for one deal:
If you plan on having a bachelorette or bachelor party then consider arranging a deal with the limo company for a discount. If you use the service for both events, the company will be more than happy to work you a special wedding package to save you a little money.   – Need a limousine in Orange County  for your wedding day or bachelorette party? Give us a call for a special deal!

Use a Pin Board to stay organized:
Heard of Pinterest? You should. It’s a great way to visualize anything in your life from home remodels to planning your wedding day. With Pinterest you can easily pin pictures to digital pinboards that keep you on track. Pin your dream wedding dress, photographer, wedding cake and even your ideal limo!   – Follow us on Pinterest!

Have Fun!:
It’s your wedding day so above all, have a memorable time. A day like this is one you will look back on for the rest of your life. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of planning a wedding but if you dont stop and enjoy the moment, you’ll end up wishing you had.


(wedding image via Pinterest)

Golf Cart the New Limo!

Felicity Huffman after the Golden GLobesThe Golden Globes brought out the stars this week in Los Angeles and with it came lots of limos, celebrities and designer clothes.

Celebrities attending the big event no doubt traveled in style with their stretch Hummer limos and Lincoln Town cars but not Felicity Huffman and her husband!

The couple posted a picture on her Facebook wall with the caption “Budget cuts. Golf cart home instead of a limo.”

Maybe they should have called it the Golfen Globes! She has a great sense of humor!


Looking to rent a limousine for a special event? Los Angeles Limousine Service  offers LA Party Bus RentalsCharter Bus Rental & Hummer Limo Service in all of LA. Fast booking and great rates!

Super Bowl Puts Hummer limousine in High Demand

Super bowl puts hummer limos in high demand

Super Bowl Puts Hummer Limos in High Demand

The Superbowl XLVI  is gearing up.

The big football event will be held in Indianapolis this year – and already reservations for limos, and especially for a Hummer limousine are very high. According to local limo business owners, demand is so high that they’ll be bringing in affiliates from out of state to help meet the demand.

Super Bowl Limos in high demand – Game Day in Indianapolis

” The demand for the larger-than-life luxury vehicles has dozens of out-of state companies heading here. The demand on our fleet – and other fleet in the city – will greatly exceed supply. I’m confident we’ll sell out, as well as everyone in the city. I just don’t think there will be enough limousines to go around.”

According to Wishtv, on an average day a 10 hour booking for a Hummer limousine (see video below of fleet) is $2,000.00 but on Super Bowl day it will be double; $4,000.00 plus gratuity.  Revelers will be footing quite a high price once you factor in alcohol, food and tickets to the game. It’s a big event with a big price tag attached, but people don’t seem to mind based on the demand for all the limos on the big day!

After all, it is the biggest game of the year so why not spend it in the biggest limo of them all, Hummer limousines!

Will you be hitting the local pubs and clubs to watch the Super Bowl here in Los Angeles and Orange County? Don’t drive – let us! Book one of our Los Angeles Hummer limo packages or an LA party bus package  for larger groups. Check out the inside of our 26 passenger black party bus in Orange County. It’s a party on wheels!

LA Party Bus Rentals Remembers MLK

“You better let me ride in your limo

an onlooker says to a limousine business owner at  today’s MLK parade in GA.

It rings back a time in history where blacks and whites didnt sit together, share a ride in a bus or work on a project together.

Years later, the dream is coming true as you see neighbors, both black and white attending numerous Martin Luther King parades standing side by side.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in our history where we consider one class of people not worthy.

The song lyrics, “people are people so why should it be”  by Depeche Mode speaks truth. To judge one human being over the over based soley on the pigmentation of their skin or the shape of their eyes seems ridiculous.

While there’s a way to go in stomping out racism of any kind, on a day like today, it’s nice to see everyone just getting along and appreciating a man who has made things better for us all.

Happy MLK day! Enjoy your day and say hello to your neighbor.

Martin Luther King

Looking to rent a limousine or party bus for a special event? Los Angeles Limousine Service  offers LA Party Bus Rentals, Charter Bus Rental & Hummer Limo Service in all of LA. Fast booking and great rates!

(MLK Image Credit)

World’s Fastest Limousine Coming 2012

A UK Limo Broker is poised to unveil the world’s fastest limousine. The car will be available at the end of 2012.

(video of world’s fastest limousine)

From today’s car news;

Limo Broker unveiled their plans to create the world’s first Audi R8 stretch limousine at last weekend’s Transport Broker Awards at the Celtic Manor Resort. Plans for the secret project had been kept tightly under wraps until the big reveal on Saturday night in front of an invited audience of 250 including business leaders from the luxury transport industry.

Chris Wright from Carbonyte UK who were responsible for the creation of the world’s only Ferrari limo, was one of the guests of honour at the special event and gave a speech outlining the plans for new Audi R8 limo project. Carbonyte UK will work in conjunction with Limo Broker to create this never-seen-before limo which will become the signature car for the Limo Broker brand.

Finding Quality Limo Drivers in Orange County

Limousine Service Orange County

Quality Drivers - Quality Vehicles: Orange County Limo Services

One of the most important factors when looking to rent a limo or party bus isn’t just the car, but hiring a quality limousine service that you can trust.

Just today there was a report on a limo driver who was cited for a DUI and carrying a handgun without a permit over the Christmas holiday. Not exactly the sort of limo driver you’d want for your special day or night.

Safety is a major factor. Finding quality limo drivers in Orange County is just as important as your search for the perfect car. A good driver can mean the difference between a night to remember and a night you wish you could forget!

There’s a lot of limousine and party bus operators in Orange County and it can be an overwhelming task sorting through all of the online services. To be safe, your best to go with an OC limo company that has a great reputation. Others dont recommend bad limo companies to their friends. Reputation should play a major factor when you choose your limousine service.

If you’re in need of a great quality limo and party bus service in Orange County, be sure to check us out. We get a lot of referrals from online rating sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages because our customers are always satisfied with our professional level of service — and they tell others.

We’ll be sure you get a driver you can trust and a vehicle that meets your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a party bus for a large group in Orange County or a limousine, we’ve got a wide selection of vehicles with trustworthy personal.

Los Angeles Limo Service: Arrive in Style this Holiday Season!

Travel in Style this Holiday with Los Angeles Limo Service, SoCal Limos & Bus

Arrive in style & luxury!

This Holiday season why take a cab or pay too much for a rental car when you can arrive in style?

Los Angeles Limo Service –  Party Bus Rentals for Less!

SoCal Limos and Bus has extra great pricing going on through the holidays to get you to your destination in style with affordability!

Whether you need a limo ride to LAX airport, a Christmas party or corporate event, our Los Angeles limo service has you covered. You’ll ride in style and leave the driving to us.

We guarantee to get you to your destination on time and with great service we’ve become known for.

Book a limo, Los Angeles party bus or airport transportation in Los Angeles today with SoCal Limos and Bus.


Tis’ the Season for a DUI

We all know that drinking and driving is against the law. Especially here in California, there is a zero tolerance policy of “buzzed driving IS drunk driving”.

There are going to be TONS of DUI Checkpoints during the next two weeks!

You could always stay home, but that’s no fun!

Lots of people assume that the legal limit of .08 means its okay to get behind the wheel if you stay at or near that number. This is not only dangerous misinformation but its not true. A police officer can arrest a person whose had only one drink if he thinks you’ve been compromised or are imapired. People who come in under .08 get a DUI everyday.

This season, avoid the pitfalls of an expensive DUI (driving under the influence) and hire a driver if you plan to go out. The total cost of a DUI is upwards of $10,000.00 not to mention the impact on your drivers license and auto insurance!!

Hiring a driver also means you wont risk anyone’s life including your own!

So, if you plan on heading out to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve get together, give us a call for an experienced and SAFE limo or bus driver! Even if you have a large group of people, we have plenty of vehicles to choose from. We offer party buses in Los Angeles and Charter buses in Orange County as well as a variety of limousines including stretch hummer’s and town-cars.

Call us today and book a car for your special event! 1-800-894-8702

ABC’s of Orange County Limo Rentals

This Orange County limo site is soooo easy to use! If you are looking to rent a limo in Orange County this site is a must visit! We visit lots of sites to see how they look and feel and to see see if they make it easy to use. So many limo services in Orange County fill their site with a lot of yada, yada they make it hard to remember you went their to rent a limo!

And they do this amusing bit about someone typing in “Orange Limo” and winding up on their site! Well, we thought it was amusing but you might not so we’ll let you be the judge! You can check it out at Orange County Limo Service then leave us a comment about it. If your comment isn’t all spam we’ll leave it live! And by the way, anytime you leave a relevant, intelligent, non spam junk comment on one of our blog posts we will leave it in… you can even include a link to your site if you wish.

Wishing everyone a fun Christmas shopping season… grab a limo and really make it fun! Think I am kidding… lot’s of folks in the ORange County area, well mostly south orange county, do Christmas shopping in a limo. Give it a try if you can… you’ll like it!

For more information on limo rentals, charter bus rentals and party bus rentals visit Socal limousine and party bus.