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LA Bus Rentals…Temecula Wine Tours

bus rentals to TemeculaDid you know that you can hire your very own private driver for a day tour to Temecula’s winery using private bus rentals?  And I’m not talking about ordinary bus rentals—these are awesome buses with amenities that most people don’t know about.

Bus rentals typically are equipped with captain chairs, video screens, DVR and DVD video players and always have climate control systems. A few have PA systems.  So you can plan a totally relaxing week-end getaway using LA bus rentals and not deal with all hassles of LA traffic.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about the safety of driving back after spending hours at the winery because your private driver will take care of 100% of your transportation needs.

How much does it cost to rent a private charter bus in Los Angeles?  The cost will depend on what you are looking for.  Before we or any other company can give you an accurate party bus rental rate, we need to know four things: 1) what date and time you want it, 2) your destination, 3) how long you want it for and 4) what amenties you would like for your trip.

Call us to get your quote today because you will need to book your Los Angeles charter  bus rental at least a few days in advance of your trip.

If you’ve never tried a Temecula wine tour by bus rental, you are really missing out. It’s one of the most popular local destination spots in Los Angeles!  You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of rolling hills and all the  great wine you want because you have a private driver to do all the driving!  And, you get to sit back and enjoy the drive and amenities with lots of good friends. Bus rentals can accommodate anywhere from 15 to 50 passengers.

Plan a relaxing day wine tasting and enjoying yourself while we take care of your destination plans!  Call us and speak to one of our friendly representatives for a quote on your next getaway using private LA bus rentals.



How To Charter A Bus

Most people have never chartered bus services so if ever you are told to book a bus here are some tips on how to charter a bus! For the most part charter bus rentals are divided into two categories…  coach charter buses and minibus rentals.

Coach charter buses are usually for 40 up to 55 passengers and minibus rentals refer to bus rentals for up to 40 passengers.

Charter bus services in Los Angeles quote on an hourly basis and almost always require a 3 or 4 hour minimum usage.  Now if you plan to use the bus for 4, 5 or six hours most bus services will offer you a half day rate which is usually cheaper then by the hour rates.

For more then 6 hours but less then 12 hours they should offer you their day rate which, again, is cheaper then by the hour rates. If they don’t offer then you should ask if they offer any day rates.

Minibus rentals are way more popular then full size 55 passenger coach charter buses. That’s because the coach charter buses are more for tours or over the road travel and the minibus rentals ranging from 14 to 40 passengers are used on a daily basis for all kinds of group bus transportation services.

This is the first blog in a series of blog tips for how to charter a bus in and around LA Metro, Los Angeles And Orange County CA. You now have enough info to call one of the charter bus companies and book a bus! Later in the series we will get into more detail.

We’ve already given you a good link for Los Angeles Charter bus rentals and for one of the best charter bus rental services in Orange County Ca click Orange County Charter Bus.  We hope you find this information useful. If you have a legitimate specific question about how to book a bus ask us in the blog and we will answer it…. no spamming or book marking junk please.

To visit the home page of our limousine and bus rental service website click on SoCal limousine and party bus!

Limo Van

Limo van (charter bus)

Large Charter Bus (Limo Van) for Los Angeles

People often refer to the term Limo Van when they’re looking for multiple passenger transportation but a charter bus is probably what you’re seeking. Charter buses are vehicles with bucket seats just like a limo van only they can seat from 14 to 50 people depending on the size of charter bus you rent.

It’s usually called a limo van because people want luxury and space.

There’s also a difference between a charter bus and a party bus. Party buses tend to have bench seating and room to move around and often include dance poles, a dance floor, stargazer lights and music. That’s where the party takes place whereas a charter bus is usually just for transportation.

Uses for the Limo Van/Charter

Some of the most popular uses are for group gatherings where lots of space and comfort is needed like a long road trip to a casino. Wine tours, airport transportation and concerts are another reason people seek out charter buses. In Los Angeles there are a lot of charter bus services to choose from but be careful. Many of them aren’t properly licensed and the vehicles are poorly maintained. Our LA charter bus service is dependable and we know safety comes first — especially when you’re dealing with 10-30 people in one vehicle!

White Charter BusLos Angeles has some of the greatest locations for special events anywhere. We have sporting events, summer concerts, wineries, casinos and more. From wedding transportation to a day at a Lakers game, a charter bus can handle all your transportation needs from arrival, departure and parking in Los Angeles. You dont have to be concerned with any of those details, we’ll handle it all!

There’s lots of funny games to play on long charter bus trips too! So, whether your destination is local or several hours away, comfort is important and we’ll make sure you have plenty of water, air conditioning and comfortable cloth seats to make the best of your trip! Bring a lunch, board games, your iPod or anything else to make your trip more fun.

Call SoCal Limos and Buses for a free quote to book an LA Charter Bus.

LA Charter Bus


Setting up travel arrangements for a large group can be an exhausting task but you can avoid all those transfers and hassles if you book an LA charter bus.

Your group , whether its a company, church or organization can book a private charter bus in LA for about the same cost but without the headaches of public transportation services. Chartering a bus is very cost effective because of the number of passengers you can split the cost with.

SoCal Limos and Buses has small, medium and large capacity charter buses serving all of Los Angeles. Call us anytime to book a charter busToll Free 800-894-8702

LA Shuttle

LA Shuttle - Shuttle Bus Service in LAWe provide service for LA Shuttle seekers! Our charter buses are the perfect solution for someone looking for an LA Shuttle and comes equipped with comfortable seating and air conditioning.

Perfect for those long road trips!

Our LA Shuttle Bus can seat up to 55 people and travels all over Los Angeles including LA Metro. People book shuttle buses for a variety of reasons, but usually for large group transportation to the local airports, local casinos. wineries and organized events within their churches or businesses. 

We’ll book you in under 4 minutes and promise VERY competitive rates and reliability! Our buses wont break down on you like some of those cheap LA shuttle bus services. We have our buses checked weekly for tiptop maintenance! 

Los Angeles Motorcoach Charter Bus Service

Los angeles charter bus service

Los Angeles Charter Bus Service

Providing motorcoach charter bus services in Los Angeles with top rates, quality vehicles and excellent service.

Looking to do something different. Have a group event planned but haven’t figured out transportation?

A charter bus is a great way to hit the road and leave the driving to someone else. Move large groups of people to and from casinos, wineries or sporting events.

Best of all, the price is very affordable because you split the cost with the other passengers making the Los Angeles motorcoach  charter bus service affordable for everyone!

Check out our Los Angeles charter bus service or get a free quote!

Los Angeles Wedding Limo – Wedding Transportation Los Angeles

Specializing in Wedding Transporation in Los Angeles

Rent a limo from us for your wedding day and rest easy with reliability! We provide wedding transportation in Los Angeles and have a wide variety of luxury cars for your special day! Avoid getting taken on the biggest day of your life and stay clear of those “cheap wedding limo in Los Angeles” offers because they’re usually cheap for a reason!

Los Angeles Wedding Limo

Congrats on the biggest event of your life! Your wedding day should be stressfree and no one wants to deal with an unreliable car service when you need it most. Our Los Angeles wedding limo package is no ordinary package. We have some of the best cars and drivers in the business and offer the utmost professionalism combined with very affordable rates. Give us a call for a no hassle quote for your wedding transportation needs. Let us help you decide which type of limo is right for your big day. We have lots of options!

Have a large group for the wedding? No problem, we also carry charter buses for Los Angeles weddings. Our charter buses can carry up to 55 passengers and we guarantee they’ll be clean and on time to pick up and drop off your guests. Visit SoCal Limos and Buses homepage for more information on our cars and rates.

Wedding transportation in Los Angeles

Rest easy on your big day- Wedding transportation in Los Angles you can trust!



Los Angeles Charter Bus

Have an event planned in Los Angeles and need group transportation?

Our Los Angeles Charter Bus service has small, medium and large charter buses. Our small bus can seat 14 people while our large motorcoach can seat up to 57 passengers! 

People planning student events, casino trips, winery tours, tourist attraction events, sporting events or concerts can save a lot of time and money by using a charter bus in Los Angeles.

Because you don’t have to hassle parking, tolls or gas for each car, your savings are instant. Not to mention that we’ll drop you off and pick you up right at your destination making it ultra convenient. Some of our most popular bookings are the wine tours. California has a lot of wineries and it makes for a fantastic day with friends to tour the winery, have dinner and sample the various wines. No driving needed – We’ll handle that!

Book a Los Angeles charter bus with us today or contact us for a free no hassle quote. We serve all of Los Angeles.

los angeles charter bus motorcoach

LArge charter bus in Los Angeles

los angeles charter bus

Large Charter Bus for Los Angeles

Los Angeles Charter Bus Rental

Los Angeles Charter Bus Rental — Make a Trip of it
Great weather is here already in Southern California! With temperatures in the high 70’s, people are itching to get out and relax a bit. If  you’re looking for a large Los Angeles charter bus rental, or a Los Angeles minibus rental to transport your group for an event, we’ve got buses of every size. We carry from 16 passenger to 55 passenger charter buses.

Our Los Angeles website provides you with photos and information that make it easy for you for you to choose and book the perfect bus. How about a bus tour from Los Angeles to San Diego?!  A perfect casino trip to Harrah’s Rincon perhaps?! Round up the gamblers and make a weekend of it!

Charter a bus from Los Angeles to San Diego

Cops Seize LA Party Bus Rentals

Thinking of grabbing a “cheap party bus rental in la?” We’ve got news for you… the CHP and local police forces are stopping and seizing  many LA party bus rentals right where they are because the owners have skipped the very expensive steps of  getting a state charter party license and carrying the mandatory $5 million insurance! Hmmm no wonder they offer really cheap rates on la party bus rentals! But that’s not the ONLY place they cut costs… since they are unlicensed the CHP doesn’t even know they exist so they save a lot of money on maintenace because they don’t have to pass CHP vehicle inspections! Now add in the savings from hiring under licensed, untrained drivers at low pay and wolaah… their operating costs are minimal compared to a fully licensed and insured legitimate company… hence, they can offer much cheaper pricing!!!

So when customers are calling to compare rates the illegal companies price quote is far lower then the quotes from legitimate companies so they think they have found a nice company offering a nice low rate compared to the more expensive quotes they get from legitimate, fully licensed and insured companies! Now here’s where the story gets really wacky… we tell people the company they are thinking of hiring is unlicensed and unisured and they tell us they don’t care, they just want a cheap party bus rental rate!! How totally crazy is that??

Then we tell them if the party bus rental they are in gets stopped at a checkpoint or for any other reason they will be left standing on the curb somewhere as their party bus is towed away to the impound lot! Then they tell us they’ll don’t care… they’ll take the chance for a cheap rate!! We think they think we are making it up to scare them so we posted this video on our website at Socal limousine and party bus rental to prove it to them… check this out!

You can and should check with the California state licensing board  to see if a company is currently licensed and insured before you grab an unusually cheap party bus rental or just book with us if you want a safe ride in a cool party bus for a moderate rate!

LA Party Bus Rentals Remembers MLK

“You better let me ride in your limo

an onlooker says to a limousine business owner at  today’s MLK parade in GA.

It rings back a time in history where blacks and whites didnt sit together, share a ride in a bus or work on a project together.

Years later, the dream is coming true as you see neighbors, both black and white attending numerous Martin Luther King parades standing side by side.

It’s hard to believe that there was a time in our history where we consider one class of people not worthy.

The song lyrics, “people are people so why should it be”  by Depeche Mode speaks truth. To judge one human being over the over based soley on the pigmentation of their skin or the shape of their eyes seems ridiculous.

While there’s a way to go in stomping out racism of any kind, on a day like today, it’s nice to see everyone just getting along and appreciating a man who has made things better for us all.

Happy MLK day! Enjoy your day and say hello to your neighbor.

Martin Luther King

Looking to rent a limousine or party bus for a special event? Los Angeles Limousine Service  offers LA Party Bus Rentals, Charter Bus Rental & Hummer Limo Service in all of LA. Fast booking and great rates!

(MLK Image Credit)

Large Charter Bus Service Files Bankruptcy

Large Charter Bus Service Files Bankruptcy
According to the ACC – Lexology, the buses for charter business, Coach AM Group Holdings has been forced to file for bankruptcy
On January 3, 2012,  Coach Am Group Holdings Corp., along with certain of its affiliates (“Coach” and/or “Debtors”) filed petitions for bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.  Aside from Coach America, Coach also operates under the brand names CUSA, American Coach Lines and Gray Line.  According to the Declaration of Coach’s Chief Restructuring Officer (the “Declaration” or “Decl.”),  Coach enters bankruptcy with approximately 6,000 employees and a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles.

Six thousand employees and over 3,000 charter buses are affected. While nationwide charter bus companies are more popular because of their sheer size (employees and fleet size) and ability to offer nationwide charter bus hire, they are not exempt from troubles as we see here.

A local charter bus service is a great way to rent a charter bus while helping a local business in your community to thrive. We have a large fleet of charter bus rentals in Orange County and we also offer charter bus rentals in Los Angeles!

minibus rental interior
For more information on charter bus rentals, party bus rentals, limos and limousine service in the Los Angeles and Orange County area subscribe to our RSS feed or visit Socal Limousine and Party Bus.

OCCUPY Charter Bus!

seats in charter busses in orange county ca

Occupy Wall Street has been gaining momentum for some time now. The 99% are attempting to take back their government and stop corporate greed from the1%’ers. All across the country we see groups of people gathering for one common purpose. Not just the locals are gathering in each location as one may think, but people are actually footing the bill to travel across the country to let their voice be heard.

How are these people congregating? Charter Bus Rentals!

The latest, Occupy Atlanta is asking people to spread the word about their charter bus trip to occupy the U.S. Congress. People who want a guaranteed seat on the charter bus will need to pay $100.00 but the amenities of the charter buses are well worth it. The one occupying Atlanta is equipped with high-back bucket reclining seats, TV, AC/heat, AM-FM stereo, restrooms and CD-DVD players. Those are nice amenities when on the road!

Often referred to as a Motor Coach, charter buses are a popular way to move people around, especially for long road trips or charter bus tours.

Our charter bus rental (click the link to check out our charter buses!) serves Los Angeles and Orange County, so if you are ever in need of cheap charter bus rental, be sure to contact us for a free quick quote!

Los Angeles Limo Service: Arrive in Style this Holiday Season!

Travel in Style this Holiday with Los Angeles Limo Service, SoCal Limos & Bus

Arrive in style & luxury!

This Holiday season why take a cab or pay too much for a rental car when you can arrive in style?

Los Angeles Limo Service –  Party Bus Rentals for Less!

SoCal Limos and Bus has extra great pricing going on through the holidays to get you to your destination in style with affordability!

Whether you need a limo ride to LAX airport, a Christmas party or corporate event, our Los Angeles limo service has you covered. You’ll ride in style and leave the driving to us.

We guarantee to get you to your destination on time and with great service we’ve become known for.

Book a limo, Los Angeles party bus or airport transportation in Los Angeles today with SoCal Limos and Bus.


Tis’ the Season for a DUI

We all know that drinking and driving is against the law. Especially here in California, there is a zero tolerance policy of “buzzed driving IS drunk driving”.

There are going to be TONS of DUI Checkpoints during the next two weeks!

You could always stay home, but that’s no fun!

Lots of people assume that the legal limit of .08 means its okay to get behind the wheel if you stay at or near that number. This is not only dangerous misinformation but its not true. A police officer can arrest a person whose had only one drink if he thinks you’ve been compromised or are imapired. People who come in under .08 get a DUI everyday.

This season, avoid the pitfalls of an expensive DUI (driving under the influence) and hire a driver if you plan to go out. The total cost of a DUI is upwards of $10,000.00 not to mention the impact on your drivers license and auto insurance!!

Hiring a driver also means you wont risk anyone’s life including your own!

So, if you plan on heading out to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve get together, give us a call for an experienced and SAFE limo or bus driver! Even if you have a large group of people, we have plenty of vehicles to choose from. We offer party buses in Los Angeles and Charter buses in Orange County as well as a variety of limousines including stretch hummer’s and town-cars.

Call us today and book a car for your special event! 1-800-894-8702